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Limit connection from some users only


at the moment we are using Openfire and Spark with LDAP authentication for all my domain users.

My company is asking me to restrict Spark access only to a selected users: what’s the best way to accomplish this task?

The only solution i found is to modifay each user to lock it if not permitted to login.

There is a possibility to work with Active Directory group? The best would be to allow logon ONLY to a selected ad group.

Anyone can tell me how to proceed?

Thank you very much!

You want to make use of the ldap.searchfilter setting. Your filter will be specific to your directory, but it should be something along the lines of:


This is very basic and can be expanded upon quite a bit. Fortunately if you need a more detailed example AD seems to be the most common form of LDAP people are using with Openfire. A quick google search turns up lots of examples with much more detail than I can provide.

Something like this should give you want you want.

How to Setup Dynamic Groups and Shared Rosters with LDAP/AD

Thank you very much friends i 'll work on it!