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Limit installation of plugins?

Can we limit what plugins are installed on the client PCs? Is there some way to setup Spark during the installation to diable that feature?

Hi Eric,

one may make the plugins directory read-only and sweep it.


Not sure I totally understand. I assumed the plug-ins for Spark were getting fetched from the Internet somewhere. I can see making the plug-ins folder read only to prevent them from installing them, but my users are a de-centralized group, so that really isn’'t an option.

I guess I was looking for a way within Wildfire or Spark to control it.


users should not have admin rights on their computers, or they can install everything. If this is the case you’‘ll always have problems to manage things like this, so only the less advanced users shouldn’'t be able to install plugins anymore.

The next major SparkManager version could be an option if you can wait some months.

Someone else with an other option?