Limited chat histories in Spark

One of my users pointed this out to me today. Spark saves the complete chat histories but in the chat window it only shows a portion of the history. Is there any way to make Spark show the complete history?


yes there is. Open Spark and right-click on a buddy. Select “Show Contact History” and you’'ve got it.


PS: You’'ll not find file transfers within the log, this seems to be fine but may be a little bit confusing.

I did not ask Derek for a “fix” for this - it could be interesting to show also the transfered and received files there. Maybe he reads this and likes the idea.

Is there any way to view the history of a conference session?

yes my concern is also same but little bit i would like to add is that Many a times Spark even does not show 1 hour before chat so where is the problem lying ?