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Limiting admin logins to local / domain network

I apologize if I missed a previous thread on this (couldn’t find one) but I’m looking for an Openfire-internal way to limit admin logins beyond the authorized JIDs and which ports.

We use VPN for external connections and ports 9090/9091 are blocked by our edge router, so we’re pretty good, and admin logins are limited to specific users. What I’d like to do is have a checkbox to limit admin logins over 9090 and/or 9091 to specific or local IPs within Openfire settings. I can ultimately accomplish the same thing with server firewalls, but was wondering if there was a system property I’m missing to limit admin console logins to specific IPs or other limitations w/o needing to do it externally from the application.

I am not aware of such setting. So, using a firewall is the only option so far.

First of all, i would highly recommend trying it without VPN, if possible. If it continues, try getting more data and simple ask VPN Google or “More info” thread to get help. Also, switch from tunnel VPN to OpenVPN, should become better.