Limiting/removing LDAP query

Is there a way to turn off the user lookup that is done when the “Users/Groups” tab is clicked in the Admin console? We have a lot of users in our directory, and every time we click on the U/G tab, a query is done for a number of users larger than the lookthrough limit on the directory server, resulting in an unindexed search. I know I could restrict the size of the query, so it would return a smaller number of users, but if we eventually open this up to our whole community, we would face this problem then.



;D I second this request. (Basically I’‘d love to see the option to set a system property or something that makes it so when you click on Users/Groups, it either displays a “the user summary is disabled by your configuration” message or flat out skips to user search. It probably could be nice if it just said “the users on this server are pulled from LDAP and summarization has been disabled.” Anyway, yeah, I’'ve actually had the server lock up a bit by going to the user summary page before. (on slow older hardware)