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Linux Idle support plugin fix

Here is the fixed version of the Linux Idle plugin.

Sorry for the pain it’s caused. I emailed this up as well to get it put into the release version.

Thank you Sam Richards for spotting it so quick. This version should work for all languages as well.


Source Code:





Best way to just install this yourself is to drop the .jar into your Spark/plugins directory. Then in your ~/.Spark/plugins remove the directory idlelinux/ and the idlelinux.jar in there. Then restart Spark.

Should be good to go. Reply with any problems you might have.



Thanks a lot. But where is a x86_64 version?

Could you make it or share the sources of the plugin?

The source code IS included in that post.

I will see about writing 64 bit support. I don’t have a 64 bit Linux machine to play with it though, if you want the .cpp code is in the native directory in that .tar.gz file. Edit it to your liking or maybe I could use you to help me test something out

Email me and we will work something out: digicyc[a t]gmail(.)com



I gave Derek the updated plugin and he let me know it will be added in the Linux release.


Ooops, sorry. Didn’t see Thanks, i’ll test it and let you know

I compiled a 64 bit version of this for my 7.10 Ubuntu box (jar attached). If you have any trouble running it make sure you have a 64bit JVM installed and delete the jre subdir of your Spark install.
idlelinux.jar (12019 Bytes)