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Linux Idle Time Out Plugin

Been working on a plugin for Linux.

It makes it so you can idle timeout now. Since Java doesn’'t speak TO well with Linux in this way.

Not sure the details why.

Here is the link:


Just drop that into your Spark/plugins directory and restart Spark.

Then goto Spark>Plugins and see if you see it there.

It will require 2.0.1 or greater of a Spark client though.

Let me know what you think or of any problems that arise.

It should work with the existing Idle Settings in the Preferences Window.

PM me if you want the source or have any problems.


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Awesome plugin! I was wondering why I wasn’'t going idle appropriately, but this plugin did the trick.


So when can we put it into trunk?



Does any one know where to find the source for the libLinuxIdle.so for the Linux Idle plugin or where a 64-bit version is?