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Linux partitions for Jabber

My organization is going to plunge into the world of Jabber, and we wanted to make certain our presumptions regarding the partitions were accurate.

We thought the best approach would be the following partitions:

boot - 256

/ - 4096

swap - 1024

temp - 128

home - 10GB

usr - 6 GB

var - 6GB

Are there space issues or other things that may arise that we should know about and change this current configuration? Thanks in advance.

I really do like the idea of helping each other but this is just laziness. I think this question is totally offtopic in this forum. Ask google and you will find plenty information how to do partitioning of productive servers. What you have to be aware of is memory issues of the java virtual machine. But this was discussed alredy in this forum.


guido – heh, you’‘re pretty tough on him. shipco, we’'re glad to have you joining the xmpp world.



Thanks Matt, for better or worse I’'m here to stay

I do have to agree with Guido, a linux server set up is well outside the scope of this forum. Buy a book, or Google.

But, that aside, if you’‘re looking for a quick and easy way to set up a jabber server. I would suggest bypassing linux and use windows (your post suggests that you’'re new to linux as well. You might not want to tackle to new things all at the same time!).

For example, I did a reformat, reinstall of an old desktop with Windows 2000 (not Server, just the desktop version) and installed Jive Messenger on that. Jive (for our needs) is not very resource intensive, so this old box is pretty slow (400mhz PIII & 196Mb RAM) but no one knows any better. We get great performance for our needs (we’'re a company of about 50 people).

I was merely trying to find out if the partitions were large enough, or if there was a partition that wasn’‘t given adequate space and would cause performance issues. I’‘m not certain how my post is suggesting we are new to *nix;because we aren’'t. It is laughable that this community chooses to be so condescending and authoritative; you were all new to this protocol once as well.

All I was seeking was a LITTLE feedback to verify I was taking the right steps to build a server that would grow with our needs. I never asked for help creating partitions (or for help related to anything other than building a solid Jabber box with adequate partitions). Thank you all for your time, good luck in life.


Not sure why you’'re getting poked on here.

Just based on what you’‘ve provided, I’‘d say that’‘s enough storage space. What you didn’'t provide was what database you are going to use (MySQL for example usually keeps it dbs in /var). What will you be authenticating from (LDAP/AD or MySQL or something else; and will it be on the same server)? It would also help to know how large your user base is and whether you plan to log all communications (if you have any requirement).

If you could provide more details, maybe we would be better able to help.

Thanks hrothgar,

I’'m not sure why either, what you posted, was ALL I was looking for.

We have around 350+ users worldwide and will most likely want to have the ability to archive all chat sessions. The database will most likely be MySQL, and the authentication will take place on the same server. Your feedback is much appreciated. We actually went ahead and built it, it is running smoothly and awaits production, thanks again.


Let us know if you run into any issues. Also, you want to reward hrothgar with a “correct” answer to thank him for his time.