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Linux Spark Launcher

Normally this would seem like a trivial matter but for some reason I can’t seem to get this to work. I have installed Spark 2.5.6 on Ubuntu and can’t seem to create a launcher for Spark. I can run it from command line no problems. When I create my launcher for the command I have used /opt/Spark/Spark and also /opt/Spark/Spark &

and neither seem to work.

Any help is most appreciated.

***Oops, actually just created my own startup script and it now works just fine.

I understand you solved your issue but it would have been nice to include your script. no big deal.

I’ve created this launcher if you’re running a dock:

The below is for Cairo Dock

launcher name: Spark

Command to launch on click: ‘/home/glen/spark/Spark/Spark’

See the attached for an image.

I recommend visiting this post for a greater version of Spark for Linux

This version has a icon that docks on the tool bar; bookmarks work in the Spark client if you create them in Openfire Admin panel.

The only draw back is it doesn’t have fastpath plugin installed into it. What I did is downloaded the “spark_2_5_8.tar.gz” - extracted the fast path plugin from it and pasted into my install version of Spark, this got it to work.

I could never tell if I had spark running in the background when you click the close button other than always seeing if you had a running process; this is no longer an issue. The tool bar icon is even clickable if you wish to shut down or open…

Hope this helps some