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List Active Users\Listar usuários ativos

I need to migrate a base from openfire from MySQL to Postgresql, but there are many idlers I would like to migrate only the assets, for example only users who have logged in for the last 180 days. How do I get such information through the database?

My base has more than 5000 users


Preciso migrar uma base do openfire de MySQL para Postgresql, mas tem muitos usuarios inativos eu gostaria de migrar somente os ativos, por exemplo somente os usuario que fizeram login nos ultimos 180 dias.

Como consigo tal informação pelo banco de dados?

Minha base possue mais de 5000 usuarios

There is no such information out of the box (there is an unofficial plugin which should record last logins, but not sure if it still working and you will have to run it for some time to gather the data). There is last logout date which might be enough. I think it is stored in ofPresence table, offlineDate field.

Ok, I had already located this column, I opened the topic more to see if it had another alternative. Thanks a lot for the help.