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List Room in Directory


I have created a Room that has the List Room in Directory option checked.

However the room doesn’'t appear in the buddy list like the roaster groups does.

I’'m using GAIM 1.5 and Jive 2.3 beta.

Can you help me?


Well, listing of room in Direcotry doesnt mean it should automaticly come up in your roster. It means that you can find this room in Service Directory via Jabber Browser (in Gaim: Tools > Room List).

You can add a room to your roster with menu Buddies > Add Chat in Gaim. But if you want it to be done automaticly you should wait (and even vote) for JM-210 feature. Then you should be able to add rooms into shared groups like common users and their should come up in every user’'s roster automaticly.

Though i dont like that rooms will appear like simple user (icons, presences). I prefer it to be a simple bookmark. So JM-351 probably fit my needs better.

P.S. actually i’'m getting tired to recreate my rooms every 7 days of idle. Is it really so hard to undo-hardcode it? Maybe for a 2.3.0 release? JM-235

kfeina, never mind this message, i’'m speaking with gods… mmm… developers i mean

Ok, thanks to all, I have voted all the JM*.