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Listening for message composing in MUC


Can anyone tell me the best/right way to listen to message composing in a MUC?



Hey Fabio,

Many months ago there was a discussion about Message Events (JEP-22) and MUC in the JDev or Satdanrds-JIG forums. If I’‘m not wrong the decision was that MUC rooms shouldn’'t use Message Events. I think it was based on the high traffic that this could generate.

Anyway, Message Events are sent inside of the message as an extension. So if somebody is using Message Events in the context of a MUC room, you just need to check for the extension.

BTW, JEP-85: Chat State Notification is meant to replace JEP-22 in the future. According the spec of JEP-85 it is valid to use notifications in the context of MUC though it could generate a lot of traffic. Unfortunatelly, we do not have support for JEP-85 yet.


– Gato