Listening for new Chat

I’‘m attempting to use the Chat class to deal with chats. I understand that if I want to create a Chat, I can just create a new Chat object and deal directly with that. What I don’‘t see is any way to listen for new Chats (when somebody sends me a message with a threadID that I haven’‘t seen). I’‘d like to treat Chats that other people create (they start a new threadID) in exactly the same way as I treat the ones that I create, and I don’'t see how to do that.

If I listen for message packets, then I have to do all of the mechanics of figuring out if this is a threadID that I’‘ve already seen (and thus have a Chat for). But at that point, I just don’‘t see the point in using the Chat class at all - I might as well manage the threadIDs myself since I’'ve got to do it for threadIDs that other people create.

I’‘m not sure if I’‘m making myself clear… Is there something that I’'m missing?