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Little issue with InVerse...no config page available

Good day!
I have been looking into a browser based client for xmpp and since I have had a lot of experience with Openfire I decided to go with that as the server and then base the client off of that server.

I want to use Inverse as I like what it can do that Candy cannot.

Unfortunately when the plugin is installed the webclients tab at the top redirects to a inverse config page that does not seem to exist. See the following:

I have gone back to a previous version of Inverse and it still has the issue.

Openfire server version is: Openfire 4.2.2
It is running on ClearOS 7(based on CentOS)

HTTP Bindings are turned on.

Has anybody run into this as well and if so what was done to rectify the situation?

Dan L

Seem like that configuration page does not work with older versions of Openfire. It is working perfectly fine with later releases.

It’s unlikely that we’ll spend time trying to support older versions. I suggest that you upgrade your Openfire (which will give you other benefits too).

Ok, kind of figured as much. Sorry I didn’t do so beforehand.


No worries! Upgrading typically is dead-simply. Give it a go!