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Live web chat option?


Hello. Sorry for the noob question, and I don’t really know all my messenger/chat protocols (but I am learning).

Can OpenFire function as a “live web chat” on a web server? I am looking for something that will either greet visitors or I can at least add a manual chat icon and it will begin a live chat with a remote agent.

I am here because this looks like an on prem open source solution. If I can somehow tie this into a website that would be great. I guess if it does not do what I am asking, maybe there is a way I can improvise something similar? I don’t want an open chat room, it would be one on one end user and agent.

Thanks in advance


Short answer - yes it is possible.

But i can’t give you any precise instructions (because i haven’t setup it myself and it can be complex and specific for every project). If you are good with technologies, you can probably setup it yourself or you can hire someone (see https://www.igniterealtime.org/support/service_providers.jsp). Not sure if you can setup agents in web chat. Probably as Openfire has Fastpath Service plugin and supports queues. You can see web chat integrated on this site at http://www.igniterealtime.org/support/group_chat.jsp This one is anonymous and public room (it uses Candy, which is a plugin for Openfire), but i think you can use inVerse or Pade for one on one chats.


Definitely possible. I suggest that you use Openfire in combination with the client library called Converse, which you can either download as a stand-alone project, or use our plugin confusingly called “inVerse” (it’s old name) that bundles it directly into Openfire.