Load Balancing in openfire

hi i have successfully created clustering and i follow the given steps:
use two openfire server one is on and another is on and both use single Mysql database hosted on and i have succesfully done this

clustering works fine now i want to implement the Load Balancing on this and i don’t know how to do this , i read about HAPROXY but don’t know how to use this please tell me the steps to configure load balancing using HAPROXY

Thank You

You really need to refer to the HA Proxy configuration - http://cbonte.github.io/haproxy-dconv/1.8/configuration.html - the first example in section 2.5 covers a simple config for http connections, for example.

As to which ports you want to proxy, that largely depends on your client, but it will probably be ports 5222 (“Client to Server” - note, this is not HTTP) and 7070/7443 (HTTP client connections) unless you’ve changed the Openfire defaults.