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Load balancing in Wildfire?


I’'m investigating the possibility to use Wildfire for a specific application that I was planning to write myself. I have setup several servers with s2s and many clients on each server and it works fine. The only problem is that I dont want several domains (at least not visible to the users), I just want one big domain.

These are the requirements:

I want a private network of 1…n servers.

I want to login with the same username, no matter which server I connect to.

I want to locate the ‘‘closest/fastest’’ server and log in to that one.

I know this isnt possible in the current version, but maybe someone has an idea on how I could accomplish this? Or maybe some feature is planned that would do this?

Right now, the only load-balancing I can think of is to register the users on different servers in a round-robin fashion, and then let them connect to that server everytime. I could then hide internally which domain they are actually using. Crude, I know but how could it be done otherwise?

Thanks in advance


Hi peter

You can check out this thread


it is not the answer though.

You can vote for this issue also JM-191.

If you have your userbase in AD or Ldap, you can just make all the server to authenticate against ldap and all the user can connect to all the server with the same username. For the other question, I don’'t have that much knowledge to answer them.




Thanks for the pointers. I will investigate them immediately!

Just to clearify my question: “private network” just means I’‘m not letting in external Wildfire servers, and I’'m also doing the location of the closest/fastest serevr myself.

But I DO want a flat namespace, and a possibility to connect to any suitable server.

The keywords are stability, performance, load-balancing.

Your pointers look promising. Thanks!



Let us know if you have found a way. We are also interested in the solution.