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Load Presence Status of a user in Spark without adding in Roster

Hello Guyz

I am new to Openfire and Spark. Hope i ll get help .

I installed both server and client successfully and connected to Active Directory.

I also installed Presence Service plugin in Openfire server .

My requirement is : When a user searches for another user in Spark client and clicks on the user for a chat ,he should get a Presence status of that user without adding him in Roster.

I am getting user presence status via URL such as : http://cdcccommunicator:9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=00504804@cdcccommunicat or

But not via Spark client .

How can i achieve this ??

As the plugin’s description says it’s only meant to get presence via http (in browser). Clients have to add a user (and that user have to approve them) to be able to see his status. You can try Subscription plgin and set it to always accept subscriptions automatically. This way you won’t have to manually approve roster addition requests at least.

Thank you wroot .

I installed Subscription plugin . But i am still receiving Subscription alerts.

My Settings : Disabled No subscriptions requests will be intercepted…

Accept - Only subscription requests sent by users who have an account on cdcccommunicator will be intercepted and accepted .

Reject - Only subscription requests sent by users who do not have an account on cdcccommunicator will be intercepted and rejected.

Please suggest .

And can we use some spark plugin to load the present status ??

Have you set it to Accept Local? There is no plugin for Spark to do this.

Yes …But still receiving Subscription requests !!!

Oh, i remember now, there is an open bug for this, which i filed myself


Then, no luck for you.