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Load Users from serverside

Is there a way to push each users friends list with a predefined group or groups? We are currently using IMiN as our messeging client and would like to move away from that product. So far I really like openfire and spark but I need to have more control over the users.

Hey L,

I think that shared groups is what you are looking for. Shared Groups will let you define groups from the server side and then push them to the clients. To use them log into the admin console and create a group (if you don’t have it already) and enable the contact list sharing. You can make it be visible to all users in the system, only to the group members or also to other groups. You can use any client to log into the server.


– Gato

so far approach is concerned , i m not convinced with setting this through admin console. If you can specify a little more about the functionality I can give you a better solution , our project also needed this kind of functionality in more advance way, I have modified the code of openfire server 3.3.2 to achieve this.