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Loadbalancer and clustering

I have creates a simple cluster of two openfire instances which work fine but I have realizes that the xmpp.fqdn of second server has been changed to the first server so both servers now have same xmpp.fqdn. The questions are:

  1. How can I use the cluster with this configuration? I used to connect to each server using the IP address? Would that enough now to just connect to one of the servers and that will automatically share the load in the cluster?

  2. I use SSL certificates. My certificates are bound to xmpp.fqdn and the real IP address of the server. Now when the xmpp.fqdn for one server differs from its IP address I am not sure how to use certificate for that server. Should I use certificate with cluster config for each server?

  3. Do I need a load balancer to share the load over all openfire servers in a cluster or this will be done automatically? In that case would it differ to connect to what server in the cluster?

Thanks for your help,