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Local account authentication not working


I am having an odd issue in that when I use the local (database) authentication method that I am never able to authenticate. I have tried all different combinations of setup processes, but can’t get it to work. I know its working with the database because I can see the records change and tables get populated. I even have went into the database and actually just updated the password to ensure I know it changed. I get nothing everytime and have no clue what to do. This is extremely frustrating as I need a local account to do some testing on. Any ideas?

I am running on Ubuntu Server 8.04 and using the latest (3.6.4) version of Openfire.

Checking the warning logs I can see this:

Login attempt limit breeched for address x.x.x.x

Not sure whats going on there or where these settings are controlled, but I am yet again not able to log into a fresh install of Openfire.