Local admin with ldap conf


I’m here because i can’t find a solution to me problem.

I have to set an openfire server, with a ldap conf.

But, i only have on admin (that i have to set in my adminDC during the configuration)

I can’t make anyone else admin, due to security reason, and can’t use my personnal account (also due to security reason)

I wanted to know if it’s possible to set a local admin to administrate my openfire server, and let the ldap conf to filter the users connection ?

ps : sorry for my english, i’m french, and don’t speak very well english

Thank you

I have pretty much the same question, but for different reasons. It seems to me that the answer to your particular problem is to simply make a new LDAP user specifically for administration of the Openfire server.

My concern is a much more practical one: if the LDAP server goes down, or communication is lost, or configurations are borked, for any reason, I can’t get into my Openfire config.

Is it not possible to have a local admin account while at the same time using an LDAP authentication configuration?