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Local File Transfer Problems

I am trying to do the “File Transfer” or “Send File” functionality on our local chat server. Jive is setup on our local LAN, and we are only interested in file transfer in house at this point.

I have gotten several transfers to go through, while others do not. At times an authorization to send dialog does not even come up. So far, i cannot find the missing variable to the problem. I am also unfamiliar with Jive enough not to know where to start to troubleshoot. I could not find any admin settings related to this.

We use Jive Messenger 2.1.3 and the latest version of Gaim on an all Windows shop. At this point i don’'t know if it is a server/auth problem or what. I use the server IP address for the server name since we only employ a workgroup network. So the server name is jabber. and the users are user@jabber. I have often wondered if this was the best way to set this up, but it has been the only way that worked.

Please let me know where i should look to troubleshoot this, and what info you might need.



File transfer does not have anything to do with the server. I don’'t know which mechanism GAIM employs as default, In band bytestreams or Socks5 bytestreams. But if you can find out I might be able to help point to the issued that you are encountering, also if GAIM has an XML Debugger you can pull up any and all stack traces would assist in troubleshooting the issue.

If GAIM is using in band your problem might be that Jive does not support AMP and packets are going out of order, stopping the transfer.

If GAIM is using Socks5 it might be a firewall or ip issue, as both can affect Socks5 in a direct connect. If this is the case the solution is to setup a file transfer proxy on messenger to handle a transfer.


I don’'t use gaim since it has issue with jabber administrative commands. I use Psi for now. How do I know if Psi use in band or socket 5?




What are the specifics of the problems with Gaim you mentioned? I might have to check out Psi. Thanks,


PSI uses Socks 5

Hi anybody!

I install Jive Messenger (last version) and use PSI 0.9.3

I cannot send a file between 2 PCs of my private LAN (192.168.0.*), why?.

All SOs are Win XP SP2.

If I understand, I need (mandatory?) configure a proxy transfer server? If yes, how can I do so?

Thanx in advance.

PS: Sorry, my english is poor!

Can you open up the debugger in PSI and post the packets exchanged between the two clients so that we can help to determine what the problem is?



From what i gather, jive itself doesn’'t support file transfer proxying at the moment. Most clients can do “direct client to client” transfers though.

I’'m using miranda and all i had to do was go into options and enable “File transfer” and setup a port range for Miranda to use. Depending on your Jabber client, you should be able to configure it to allow for such transfers.

This is what I get in my XML Console:

(Thanks in advance)



mdemestri@mail.pagoexpress.com.py/Psi IP is

what is rfleitas@mail.pagoexpress.com.py/Psi IP?


Sorry, I paste the wrong result!!! :smiley:

This is the XML Console log when I try peer-to-peer file transfer (8010 port).

Thanks again…


If I am not mistaken it looks like a PSI problem. The stream is being negotiated using PSI’'s custom “fast” negotation process, as far as I know no other clients use this. You may want to contact the PSI developers directly, showing them this packet trace, they may be able to help you more as I am not extremely familiar with the negotiation process they are using.