Local Program Install - Roaming Settings For Users - Automatically Create User Settings

Very new to this…

I’m working in a school and we want the teachers to be able to easily communicate. this is our cheap exchange solution!

we want spark to be installed locally on each laptop and on the staff room pc’s - but have each users settings stored on their network drive. to log in to spark we are using the same credentials as they do to log in to the pc’s.

each user has all their settings on a network drive (N:) this pulls down my documents and the desktop. we have a folder called my settings in the documents folder that we’d like the settings to be in.

we’d also like spark to auto login using these settings.

is any of this possible?


Not sure about the roaming profiles. I remember there were a few threads here from users asking or struggling with this. But i dont remember if they have managed to achieve this.

Logging in with the same Windows credentials would be SSO (Single Sign On). You will have to dig these forums for SSO info and maybe some more knowledgeable collegues will help. I can only tell that this is possible.

Spark works fine with true roaming profiles. Folder redirrection is an issue. The settings for spark ar in the user’s profile folder in windows already. If you use true roaming profiles it will follow the user from machine to machine. Configuring SSO is difficult on a good day. I have some published docs here that will help, maybe. As for deployment use active directory group policy to push the MSI installer to the computers at boot.

Todd probably means this http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1616

Why is folder redirection an issue?

Is there no way to edit the msi to change the install default for settings at (\SERVERNAME%USERNAME%$\MY SETTINGS)