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Local SWF Connects, Same File on Server Does Not

OK so I’‘ve only been at this XMPP stuff for a few days so you’'ll have to forgive my noobness.

Downloaded Wildfire and got it running no problem.

Downloaded XIFF and built my first simple client in Flash.

The client connects when I launch it standalone on my desktop.

The client connects when I launch it through it’'s parent HTML document as local files.

I upload the client and it’'s parent HTML document to my server.

It loads properly in Internet Explorer but the SWF isn’'t connecting to anything.

I have even put a packet analyzer on my system and it just isn’'t sending any

traffic to port 5222 (or any other port for that matter.) It’'s completely mute.

I’'m getting the exact same behavior in FireFox.

I have to confess I’'m at somewhat of a loss to explain this and could use a pointer.

Got some good advice from danp while I was over checking out his prototype chat tool. He suggested I change everything to the server IP for testing.

It turns out that it’‘s not enough that the names resolve to the same address, they have to be the same name to keep Flash happy. Otherwise it assumes they are two different servers and you’'re into the realm of CrossDomain issues.

So my original app was connecting to conference.mydomain.com and the web page was being served from the same box but as www.mydomain.com. I changed the app so that it’'s looking for www.mydomain.com and now all is well.

Thanks Dan. Hope this helps the next XIFF noob who stumbles into the same snake pit.