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Localhost:9090 não conecta

Instalei o Openfire 4_3_2 em um Windows Server 2012.
Na hora de tentar startar ele, simplesmente não consigo abrir a pagina para configuração:

Já estou a dois dias tentando inúmeras soluções e nenhuma funciona

Don’t use the yellow bulb program. Close it and just go to https://localhost:9090. Openfire is already running as a service. Yellow bulb program is only needed if you don’t use the service.

thanks for the answer, but even following the steps, the result remains the same

Does Openfire Service is Automatic and Running?

Try restarting it and then try connecting to localhost again.
Check the logs at Openfire installation folder, logs folder, all.log file.

The service is Automatic and Runnig.
I Have had tring earlier restarting.
The log is on the link

Could not start admin console server java.net.BindException: Address already in use: bind

Something is probably already using 9090 porto on your server. You can check this with netstat -a command or by running TCPView or similar program.

I checked and found the program that uses the port, but the problem is that whoever is using the company’s ERP, so I can’t use it.
How can I change the openfire port? and what would be the suggestion?

Go to /openfire/conf, edit openfire.xml and change the ports (both regular 9090 and 9091 as you probably would want to use https instead of unsecure http to login to Admin Console).

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I’m curious, what ERP system is that? It’s the first time that I hear of port conflict.

In fact it is the ERP electronic invoice dispatch service (TOTVS).

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Aconteceu isso comigo uma vez, e pra nao perder tempo, na instalação eu mudei a porta de acesso, tipo, de 9090 eu mudei pra 9091 e funcionou. Esse problema tem algo a ver com algum outro serviço da rede que nao consegui identificar.