Localisation should be improved


Some strings are not translated into Spark. Often, these strings are hard coded in the source code (like “offline group”, “unfiled group”, “online”, “there are no online contacts in this group” , “available”, “away”, “do not distrub”…). So, I need to hack the code (and find where the string is located!) in order to get a good localized Spark version.

I think a good localization is important for an IM client that target corporates users.

Is it possible to improve that ?


I’'m trying to translate Spark and i have the same problem.

Other hardcoded:

Inside Settings:

  • Appearance

  • File Transfer

  • Notify when user comes offline

  • Notify when user comes online

I also would like to contribute a translation (Norwegian), but those few invariant strings really do stick out…