Location of Archived Group Conference Chat Rooms

I have archiving turned on for Spark. I see that chats between 2 people are stored locally in the user’s profile in an XML file. What I am wondering is where are the saved conversations located for group conferences? I have done some searching on the server for the files (and for answers on the internet) and can’t seem to find where these locations are. The reason I ask this is because I have a user that said that their permanent conference room lost its chat history and is wondering if there is a way I can recover it. Thanks in advance for the help.

Is this stored in a database?

If you are using MySQL then the conversations are stored in ofmessagearchive and the toJID column has the value of roomname@conference.chatservername

I am running Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Is the database structure the same or is it a bit different? I’m looking around and can’t find what you described.

i would think they’d be setup the same. you don’t have a ofmessagearchive table?

I don’t see it. I really don’t know about actually going into SQL. What table would this be in?

it’s the openfire database and the table is ofmessagearchive

I am using the following statement:


Where ofmessagearchive = “”

and it does not seem to be finding anything. It won’t autofill the ofmessagearchive in. I’m not sure if I’m querying this right.

your query is a little off. SQL Server 2008 should have a management console where you can view the table data along with running queries.

once you look at the table your select statement can take a little more shape and you can narrow down your query to the conference room your user is intereted in. but i would recommend you brush up on sql queries before you do any deep digging as your select statement isn’t formed properly