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Location of logs (not audit)

Hi folk, this is probably something obvious, but I can’‘t find it. Is there a way I can configure wildfire to store it’‘s logs somewhere else? Right now it’'s:

Log dir: /opt/wildfire/logs

I figure it’‘s some system property that I just haven’‘t located. =) I’'d also like to change the location of the admin-console log. Thanks! (btw, is there a clever way to get a dump of all system properties that exist?)


You can set the XML config property:


In other words:




Awesome thanks! (is there a way to get a list of all the properties? ;D )

Hey Daniel,

Would an ad-hoc command work for you? I can write one if you need it.


– Gato

I know that somebody here in the forums was working on a full list. I’'m not sure what the status is though.


An ad-hoc command to get the full list of system properties? (if so, yes that would work ;D)


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