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Locked out of admin account after restoring MySQL DB from a backup

Hi all,

I scanned forums and googled for this issue, but none of the solution worked for me, hence the question.

After a DB crash, I restored from a known reliable backup (I already restored it previously, and it worked).
Now, after skipping the admin password page in the setup, I can no longer log in with the password, I used for many years and know by heart.

I tried to null out the encryptedPassword column and populate the plainPassword with whatever it is, but it still never worked. I also inserted the new record into the ofproperty to enable plain password as was recommended in one of the threads here, to no avail. Removed it since and reverted the ofuser.

I also tried to insert the admin element into the config XML with my own JID, but that did not work either.

How can I reset the admin password in OpenFire 4.0.4 on Windows running against MySql 5?

Thank you!