Locking the serverfield in login screen

Hi All

I wonder if it is possible to lock the information in the “Server” entry field in the loginscreen outside the Skinning service offered.

I would very much like to deploy the Spark client with a predefined value in this field that the user could not change in any way.



Skinning is really the only possible way to do it since the actual binary file has to be modified before you pass it around to your users.



What do you mean by skinning?



(sorry for being so lame)

Spark Skinning Service

You can do this by changing the HOST_NAME field in the default.properties file the compiling.

The other properties control the images and colours used to brand spark.

I’‘m the IT POC for some small businesses (~200 users all together). I’‘ve deployed Wildfire successfully and Spark to a test group of users at one company. Going to every computer and location is not my ideal way to configure the spark.properties. I’'ve attempted to create a spark.properties file upon user logon via GPO and batch/vbs scripts to no avail. Ultimately I would like to subscribe to the skinning service. At $295/yr, I cannot justify the cost just for changing the way the program looks and locking in the server field. What kind of ammo could anyone give me to do this? What has worked for your companies management? Thanks!