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Log in automatically with AD

Hello, I recently become to use Openfire as jabber server and since the users not is familiar with chat I thougt that I can guarantee that the users log in automatically with yours AD account after that they had initialized theirs sessions. Would anyone help me with it?? Thanks in advance.

Search forums for SSO. Can’t help more than that and can only say this ain’t going to be an easy task.


I have to desagree - it’ not as hard as you say.


If you’d like to connect to a Windows AD then I’ll be albe to help you.

Have you already tried to get Openfire connected to the AD and are experiencing problems (and have questions resulting from errors) - or are you looking for a step-by-step-recipe to get it running?

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Well as much as i read these forums i get that enabling SSO is not just a simple checkbox click. Let’s see how many posts it will take to make it work for Freddy

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Thanks for yours responses. @G.F I’m running a Openfire Server over WS2003 and the authentication of users is through LDAP using AD, but to avoid work to users of log in, because its seems that is a hard work with them, I want that anyone of them after log in with they self domain account automatically, using Spark, they can log in on openfire server. Any idea to make this…thanks in advance.

So you already have the AD set up?

If you just want the users to log in automatically let them have their passwords saved and put spark into startup folder.

Or did you mean something different?

Yes, I did. I really would want to make that transparent to users because exists who not want open neither log in and is necessary. This the main reason because I want to make in this form. Exists as??..thanks in advance

You should start here:


Good luck!