Log room conversations by default is enabled - not working

Fresh install of OF 3.70, I’ve also seen this with other versions.

I have rooms configured to be logged by default. In my chat client (pidgin), if I simply issue /JOIN NEWROOM and accept defaults, a new room is created. Looking at the admin GUI for the room as well as /CONFIGURE in my client, it shows the room as logged. But no logs are actually written to the database.

If I create the room from the admin GUI, logging works.

If I use either the admin GUI or /configure from my chat client, and disable, then re-enable logging, everything typed into the room since the room was created will be written to the DB, except anything typed in the brief time period in which it was disabled.

flush interval = 15 seconds

batch size = 50

We only use our server for brief periods of perhaps a day or so, but during that period have thousands of messages by 100+ users.

For now my workaround is to go back into the system periodically during the event and toggle logging. This is a pain.

Also, my concern is that everything typed is sitting in memory, not being flushed to the DB, and I’m going to run out of memory on my server.