Log Room Conversations default enabled

Hi to all,

i would like to know how to make the “Log Room Conversations” setting enabled by default when we create atomatically a new Group Chat Rooms. I don’t know if there is a settings on the OpenFire configuration instead set that property manually on every Room created. Or maybe changing the default value on the db or make a new plugin.

Actually we have tested the monitoring plugin but we need also the history showed when a new user joins the Room so Log Room Conversations has to be enabled.


Diego Bonura

University of Macerata (Italy)

I’m sorry to write here again but i just would like to know if somebody has more information about this topic.

I have to decide how to move and to know opinions from others could be very useful!


Diego Bonura

University of Macerata (Italy)

I have tried to make a simple trigger on the mysql db just to make the logEnabled set to 1 on every row insert…but the problem persist. Actually when the room has logEnabled=0 there is no row and no insert on the db (table:ofMucRoom). So i have no way to do it with a simple trigger. Any suggestion?

Diego Bonura

University of Macerata (italy)


Openfire won’t honor the setting change in the database until it is restarted (in most cases). To get this as a default, you probably need to edit the source code.