Logged in to one gateway, getting Roster from ALL gateways


The Openfire server I am using has transports installed for MSN, Gtalk, YM, etc etc. My problem is that when I login to Gtalk gateway, not only do I get roster and presence from Gtalk, but also from MSN. Same thing with MSN, I get roster and presence from Gtalk on top of MSN’s. I don’t understand what is happening. I thought it was because my Roster snippet does not have a “to” attribute. So I set it to, for example, “gtalk.server.com” but I get no Roster that way. If I leave the “to” blank, then I get a Roster from all my accounts. Can someone explain what’s going on?

Another thing, sometimes I send a Roster snippet without any reply from the server, or the server’s reply is of type result but the content is empty/null. Why is this?


You are posting in Openfire Support section, but this looks more like a gateway software (you didnt mention what) or you client (again didnt mention) problem.