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Logged in user shows offline on Spark 2.5.7

I have noticed that when some of our users logon to Spark they are showing up offline to other users. They have log off and log back in to show online. Anybody know if this problem can be fixed?

I have noticed this as well. I don’t think it matters what client they use, I’ve used Spark 2.5.7, 2.5.8, etc. It seems to be a bit random, some users show offline to some, while others can see them fine in the roster.

I had this problem with opefnire 3.3.2, so I upgraded to 3.4.4 and it is still a problem. I have tried different clients as well, such as pidgin, but I still show offline to some users.

I’m running openfire on debian with sun java jre 1.6u4

I have been getting reports of this as well with 2.5.7 and 2.5.8 both. There has been no consistent pattern for me either. Some users can see someone online, to others they appear offline, the users affected will be running one of the above versions of Spark, those viewing them online/offline will be running the same versions or pidgin.



I really think ths is an issue in openfire itself, not a client side issue.

I have been using different clients, and have been having the same issue. Other colleagues have mentioned the same effect with other xmpp clients as well.

I upgraded to Openfire 3.4.5 and Spark 2.5.8 and it seems to be working ok now