Logged in users appearing offline


I have installed Openfire 3.5.1 and integrated it with clearspace 2.0. The problem is users are appearing offline even when they are logged in. Even in the openfire console, I am seeing a user offline even when he is logged in!

Any suggestions will be very helpful.

Regards, Jobin

Hi Jobin,

you may want to clarify how users are logged in. Openfire uses XMPP and Clearspace uses HTTP for logins. While one can enable presence sharing between both services I have no idea how it works with v2 and in which direction you expect it to work.

Should online Clearspace users displayed as online in Openfire?


Hi LG,

Users are logged in using http into clearspace. I would like to see them online in clerspace. There is a real time integration between clearspace and openfire which says it can be done. The integration is done, but still users are seen offline.

Even when I take openfire only, I am showing as offline in its console even though I am logged in to openfire. Here also I am using http. Is there any other settings I need to do ?

(May be there is some extra settings to be done to login using xmpp in openfire when people actually login using htttp?)