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Logging a pubsub defect

Details are here, I couldn’t add the appropriate tag after the fact.

Problem: Persist-items does not work. Only last item sent is stored.

Testcase: Not a JUnit or anything, but upon creating a configured node, I was not able to retract an item as it returned an error for item-not-found. Upon further investigation I looked into the database and found that only the last item sent was ever stored. The code for this feature does not check appropriately when max_items is not set for the node. The max_items is set to -1 and checks to see if we have exceeded max_items always return true, and thus only the last item sent is stored.

OS: Win XP

LDAP: Not relevant (I tried with and without)

DB: Embedded

As I have mentioned in the linked thread, I have already patched this locally along with another bug that was hidden by this one.