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Logging and reviewing user chat history in OpenFire 3.6.3?


After having made the switch from Enterprise 3.5.1 to the new 3.6.3 non-jive version about 6 months ago, I’d like to say I’m about 95% satisfied with the port (This is good). However, there are a few things that are preventing me from satisfying management completely while using this version:

1) Managers like reports! Under the Enterprise plugin, I used to have pretty graphs for usage factors that could be PDF’ed and sent off. Remember the save as PDF option? Where did that or the graphs go?

**2) **And perhaps the biggest one for me, what happened to chat transcript queries from the Admin Console? In the Enterprise version, I could search user chat logs and extract conversations from the transcripts. This was useful in settling disputes. Granted, some of this is kept under Windows’s C:\Documents and Settings%Username%\Spark\user\username@servername\transcripts, but it’s deletble by the users and we do not wish this to be the case. Was this feature removed from the Admin Console during the switch from Jive to Igniterealtime or am I just blind and unable to find it?

Also, has anyone ever made a custom report to query the DB for content and send it out via an E-mail? I’m looking for some help in potentially writing a mysql query that would look at the fastpath logs in the DB and then E-mail the admin about pick-up percentages and which ones were missed.

Thank you for your time!


this is all done with the monitoring plugin now. I am pretty sure it will meet oyur needs.

While helpful, I have never been able to get the Monitoring Service Plugin to work. I run MySQL and OpenFire on the same box and Archiving never appeared under the Server tab.

I read the readme a couple of times. It states: “Note, if you don’t care about your previous statistics and chat logs, you don’t have to worry about these steps.”

Meaning, if I don’t care about previous stats, do nothing. So, I never ran any of the import sql queries. I just now removed the plugin, re-added it from the add plugins page, and checked the /opt/openfire/plugins directory to make sure it exacted (check), restarted the openfire service, and still nothing appears under Server. Ideas?

BTW, thank you for the quick response Todd, you’ve always been helpful.