Logging into a connected server

I have 2 openfire servers on 2 different networks, but some of my users move between the 2 networks.

Is there a way to let users log in to a connected server, ie

Server A - Server B

Can a user registered on Server A login to Server B if the 2 servers are connected.

I am having 2 server so that i can block file transfers between the 2 networks because of bandwidth considerations.



Well I guess they could if both servers where pointed to the same LDAP server.

If you have 2 servers, then you have 2 different XMPP domain names. How do you plan on managing the roster if you get it so users can log into either server? It seems overly complicated and error prone for users. You might consider just one server, and disallow all file transfers, if that is your major concern. Otherwise, it sounds like managing your roster will be a complete mess unless you only have 10 people.

That makes sense, didnt think it would be pretty.

However from what i have read, you can tell the server not accept file transfers, but wont the spark cleint then just transfer files between themselves, or do they not do this if they are on different switched networks ?



Something to keep in mind is that by allowing information exchange at all, your no file transfer policy is purely cosmetic. As are most of the methods to stop file transfers in spark/openfire. They work provided the clients stay within the box defined for them (and many will, especially with proper user education). But determined individuals will still find a way to make it happen.

That said, the FileTransferDisabler plugin (http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins-beta/filetransferdisable r/readme.html) for openfire will reject file transfers automatically. Someone else will have to speak about how well it works, as its not something I personally have deployed anywhere.