Logging MUC chat

Where do the logs for MUC chat reside if I choose to log the conversations?

Any Idea on this one guys/gals?

I’'ll even take a guess as to where it could be…

Ireally need to know the answer to this one guys. Does anyone know where the logs go for this?

nevermind guys found the logs.


Hi Jeff,

you post faster than I can reply. I assume that they are stored in the database (:


Yep, in the database…

Hey guys,

I have this same question can you be a little more specific about where you found the logs.

Just to be clear we are talking about logging the conversations in the muc rooms.

I enabled it when I created the rooms but I cant find them anywhere.

I am using the built in database.



If you turn on the Audit feature (which if you are in the USA you may be required to keep these logs in the event of a federal lawsuit per the supreme courts recent decision) it will log everything externally outside the database.

Wildfire\logs directory and the files will be listed like this:


It’‘s a basic XML file and through testing, I found it logs absolutely everything, even those messages sent through a gateway to AOL’'s AIM, etc.

As far as that Supreme Court thing… Apparently, if you use online chat you are now legally obligated to not only log all the discussions but archive them for long term storage. The same requirements as email. So if courts can expect to have you provide old emails, you also need to provide chat logs as well. It’‘s left wide open as all electronic communications as well. Although I can’'t see them being required to record all video conferencing as that would just be silly.

The Enterprise version of Wildfire has full log and audit reporting to make life easier. But the XML format is not that complex.

Thanks I had found those but I was hoping there was a log somewhere that is easier for a manager to read. I tried the enterprise version and it is nice but too pricey for us and does way more than we need. The only thing we really need is the logging.


the MUC logs are stored in the database, see http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/database-g uide.html#mucConversationLog

As you are using the embedded database you can access the log on linux with

cat /pathto/embedded-db/wildfire.script | grep -i mucConversationLog > mucConversationLog.log

cat /pathto/embedded-db/wildfire.log| grep -i mucConversationLog >> mucConversationLog.log

and then check the contents of mucConversationLog.log

There’'s also the I-Ball Chat Auditor to log conversations which is hosted on sourceforge.net


If you are using an *sql database, it would be easy to write a script that goes in and looks for the ID, or the username and dump it out to a text file… to get really fancy, one could attach with an ODBC and setup Access or for those of us on the other OS, ooO Base and use that to pull your queries.