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Login admin problem 2.6.0?

Hi eveyone !

I installed the wildifire 2.6.0, but I don’'t get logar as admin he comes back me a mistake

as if my signal or user were incorrect. I reinstalled the wildifire 2.5.1 and not

I had the same problem it worked correctly. I cleaned cookies of the web browser…

I restarted server… I removed and I sometimes reinstalled. Would anybody know about something?

Thank you.

Hi candiao,

I just did a clean install of 2.6.0 myself and ran into the same problem. I haven’'t dug into the code yet to see exactly what the problem is but you should be able to login in using “admin” (without the quotes) for both the username and password.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Ryan!

That didn’'t happen in previous versions a little strange that.



Yeah, it’'s a little strange for sure.

I have run into the same problem with a clean install of 2.6.0. After logging in successfully with “admin” as my password, I changed the admin password in the user summary section. After logging out, I tried the new password again, but I ran into the same problem. The default “admin” password still works even after I change it. I was just glad to see this thread and know that I wasn’‘t going crazy (or at least I wasn’'t alone in it).

The method that handles password updates was changed in 2.6.0 to handle encryption and it has a little bug in it where the sql statement to execute the change won’‘t ever execute properly. It’‘s an straight forward bug to fix and while I haven’'t spoken with Matt or Gato I would assume that a patched or new version of Wildfire will be out soon that addresses this problem.

Sorry for the troubles.