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Login and passwords always reset to ''admin'' in 2.6.0?

Just wanting to make sure I’'m not going crazy. I installed 2.6.0 from scratch, went through the initial setup wizard, set my admin password, etc…

At the login screen, I type in my admin login info, and it fails. If I type in ‘‘admin’’/’‘admin’’, then I can log in - but every time I go to a config screen that allows setting of a password, the value on the page defaults back to ‘‘admin’’.

This is also happening in the asterisk-im plugin (SVN build).

Is there something I’'m doing wrong here, or is there a bug of some sort in 2.6.0?


  • K


you should be able to edit it using the user password page /user-password.jsp?username=admin.


Hey K,

Last Friday we updated the Wildfire 2.6.0 installers to fix two issues:

  1. New user passwords are not being saved to the database JM-631

  2. Fix upgrade scripts of PostreSQL, SQLServer and Sybase JM-630

Check your change log to see if you have a 2.6.0a section. If you don’'t then you will have to download the installer again and use it.


– Gato


Thanks. I’‘ve updated to 2.6.0a - However, the admin password refuses to change from ‘‘admin’’ - and I can’‘t change any existing user’'s passwords.

If I delete the existing users, and create them from scratch, I can set their password the first time around. But any attempt to change it after that fails.

I think something may still be fishy…

  • K

More info on this:

The newly created users work fine until wifi is restarted. After that point, it is not possible to log in via spark, and attempts to change the user’'s password using the admin console fail.

Are user passwords being stored in memory after they are first created, and not being persistently stored somehow?

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which database are you using? Using a tool like Toad or PHPMyAdmin you should be able to verify if a new user is stored in the database or not. If this fails you should see some errors in your log file and the users table should stay empty.


for now, just the basic embedded (hsql) database. New users are definitely getting added - the problem is that it is not possible to change their password once they are added.

No logs are generated during the edit password event.

When I query the database using the db manager tool, the admin user is listed with password=’‘admin’’ and encryptedpassword=’’[null]’’

All other users have Password=’’[null]’’, and EncryptedPassword=<< some hex string >>

Just for grins, one of the users has the following encrypted password:


I then start wifi and go to the users config screen and edit that user’'s password. I then try connecting from Spark with the new password, and it fails - but if I use the old password, it works.

I then close wifi, and bring up the database manager again. That user’'s encryptedpassword is:


So, the new password is obviously not taking when I submit the change password page.

I’‘ve tried this in both firefox and IE browsers, so it’‘s not like it’‘s a browser issue with the browser posting something odd that it shouldn’'t be.

Any other ideas?

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see http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=19191 for an explanation and download Wifi 2.6.1 to fix this.