Login failed for openfire admin console

Hello everyone, I’m a little stuck. I had a working Openfire 3.7 server set up in MacOSX using the embedded database. It’s behind a NAT with the port forwarded. I changed the server address in server settings from the local hostname to the external IP address(which I now realize was a mistake), and though I can still log into the server without a problem using spark and access the openfire admin page, any attempts to log into the admin console with any of my admin accounts return “Login Failed: Make sure your username and password are correct and that you’re an admin or moderator.”

I suspect I need to change the server address back but I’m using the embedded database so I have no idea where or how to change it. I’m also okay with uninstalling/deleting the embedded database if I need to. Anyone have any ideas?

Try rerunning the setup and maybe setting the old server name. Stop Openfire, go to /conf/openfire.xml and change at the bottom true to false. Run Openfire again and connect to Admin Console. Your database will stay intact.