Login Issue after unsuccessful Openfire Setup

Pleas help!!!

I managed to get Openfire up and running on Win 2003 Server with the help of Apache and Tomcat…

1.) After clicking on Lanch Admin the procedure went smooth…until I clicked finish, after inserting my admin details…it seems to be that there was a problem connecting with the database…

2.) After that, it took me to the admin console login…but I couldn’t log in with the details I supplied…

3.) What I realized was that the mysql database that I chose already existed and this created the error…

4.) I then removed the database, uninstalled OpenFire

5.) Reinstalling gave me the following errors: activate.jar . mail.jar in use by another application cannot overwrite. So I assume it could not be uninstalled due to the same reason;

6.) After re-installation, click on the Lauch Admin, it takes me directly to the login admin console…I received a notification that I need to remove the “setup” in openfire.xml. which I did, to run the openfire setup again…

All I need to do is a fresh installation and reconfigure

Your help is appreciated




I managed to solve the problem…login to admin console working fine