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Login issue after upgrade to 4.1.3

Hey guys, once again I return here to ask for your precious help.

I’ve upgraded our prod Openfire server (dumb IT guy) to 4.1.3 and since than we are unable to login in Spark.

I’ve saw an uncommon message after the upgrade saying this:

Server Host Name (FQDN):
remote-server.servername.br DNS configuration appears to be missing or incorrect.

Our DNS server is different from the Openfire’s one. I tried to add the two SRV records but it dind’t work even after ipconfig /registerdns

I had a similar problem in the past, I just had to create a host A with the Openfire’s name server pointing to the host server.

If I install back the version I had, would miss more the configuration?

Can you please help me to solve that?

What error Spark shows? This warning in Admin Console is mostly informational.

It shows only that. I’m using the same settings when Openfire was in 4.0.3

I’ve installed Spark in the same server as openfire and the error is the same… So I’m assuming that it’s not a DNS issue…

I found the issue. I changed the sasl.mechs system property from GSSAPI,PLAIN to PLAIN and then everyone was able to login. Could it be a system bug? As far as I remember, I’ve set GSSAPI trying to make SSO works and it was not an issue in Openfire 4.0.3.

Thanks for your support wroot!!

I’m not very familiar with this part, but i think there was a change related to GSSAPI in the latest version. @speedy can provide more information on that.

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i think this might be the issue. [SPARK-1747] Spark appears to fall back to a non-sasl when authenticating - IgniteRealtime JIRA

what version of spark are you using?

This bug should have been fixed before releasing 2.8.0.

Yep, this was exactly what was happening with me.

I’m using Spark 2.7.4.

I’ll upgrade my Spark client and check if it still happening.

Once again, thanks a lot for your support

yep…thats likely the issue. spark 2.7.4 would fall back to IQ:auth, with OF 4.0.3, but IQ:Auth was removed in 4.1. With spark 2.8.x smack 4 is used, which then removed iq auth from spark.

Updating spark should fix your issue. If you can’t deploy an updated version of spark, another alternative might be to install the non-sasl auth plugin. Since iq auth is depreciated and not considered secure; Id suggest updating spark.