Login issues, install/unintall issues, etc

The software seems pretty buggy.

Simple changes in LDAP query will remove anyone from logging in. No user, no Admin.

So how do you log back in?

Google any issue on openfire and they’re all posts from 2008 or before. Where’s the support? Where’s the FAQ/manual to address these issues.

Want to uninstall OpenFire and reinstall, well doesn’t work. Uninstall wizard completes, reboot server, OpenFire folder still in Program Files. Openfire service still exists in Windows but is stopped. Can’t delete the Openfire folder in Program Files…

Projects here are driven by a few volunteers, so there is no professional support or high class documentation.

Service installation and removal are manual. Installer doesn’t cover that. You can find the commands under the Windows Service section Openfire: Installation Guide

You should first uninstall the service and then try to delete Openfire folder in the Program files. Many software products leave something in there after the uninstallation. Because uninstaller only removes files it has installed. But if new files were created there since the installation (embedded database folder, logs, plugins files in case of Openfire) it will leave them behind.


to expand on what wroot said… Sure, some things can be improved on, but the documentation is better than most when dealing with opensource community driven software. The software does have a few bugs, but it works really really well. Better than some paid offerings.

I feel your pain on the ldap thing. If you use an incorrect string, then you’re locked out, and have the manually fix the issue in the database, or use the startup/config wizard. (btw, I recommend using an external database like mysql or mssql express, and not the embedded db)

It may have been unintentional, but your post comes off a little harsh. As wroot stated, this project is driven by volunteers, so please keep that in mind.

If you know of any java devs that might be interested in helping out, please let them know about us!

Also, if you run into any issue, ask away in the forums. You’ll likely get some help!

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