Login issues

I have posted about this b4 and recieved no response. But i am at a impass. Either figure it out or kill it. So figured id try again.

Over the last few months, Openfire/Spark will not allow some users to login. Giving them a “Invalid Username/Password” error. No passwords ever changed. I read that it could of been something with having too many users. As it was pulling my entire AD structure and didnt need to, i changed it to just pull the OU i cared about.

That solved nothing.

So yesterday and today, NO ONE can get in, i get the error msg even on the admin account, on the box itself. So i can not even get in at the moment to flip flop the OU settings.

This did present itself after restarting the server Openfire resides on yesterday, due to other DNS issues, well we though they were DNS issues. Figures 2 backbone providers are having a dispute and not passing off traffic.

Its a windows 2003 box. and i am tossing up the error report in the hopes someone has another idea in resolving this.

spark log.txt (753349 Bytes)

If this is active directory bound we could drop twenty and punt. Starting fresh may be the best answer. We could configure Openfire to use an external database for better disaster recovery. I am more than willing to provide direct aid at no cost to you. If you would like to take me up on this offer let me know.