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Login/Online logging information

Hello all,

I was wondering if there is any way to view when a user logged in/how long they have been online?

My supervisor said that he would like to know when people got here in the morning.

We are currently running the Openfire 4.1.4 server on a Windows 7 machine and running Spark 2.8.3 on all of the Windows 7 clients.

What we are looking for is something similar to the “Away” time where it says “Idle for n minutes”.

Some of the employees log off completely at night and some simply lock their computer and the status changes to “Away”.

How we see this information is not important, whether it is in a log, through a GUI, or even if we have to create a plugin to achieve it.

I appreciate any responses and thank you ahead of time.


Openfire is not designed to reliably track such information. You can go into Sessions page in Admin Console and check every sessions and see session creation and activity date and time, but the session can be interrupted by various reasons and the client will reconnect and the new session will be created. If you need to track employees work time, use systems designed for this. Like some sort of check in in the morning.

The UserStatus plugin will add entries to a database table when a user logs in and out with their associated resource for that login.

I don’t see such plugin in the list.