Login to Openfire 3.10.2 using Monal 2.7

Hi all,

i’m a new Openfire User because we want to use it as an IM Tool for our Employees.

I’ve installed the Openfire Server 3.10.2 on a Win 2008R2 Server using the internal database and setup 2 Users with email address as username and random password.

On iPhone and iPad i’m using Monal 2.7 (146) as IM Client. But unfortunately i cannot login with the following error message.

*org.jivesoftware.openfire.net.SASLAuthentication - User Login Failed. PLAIN authentication failed for: Username


Has anyone any idea what the problem might be due?

Logfiles are attached

Kind regards and thank you very much for help
warn2.log.zip (3194 Bytes)
info.log.zip (2956 Bytes)
error2.log.zip (2082 Bytes)
debug.log.zip (1841 Bytes)

you have to perform SSl/TSl secured login for your ios clients or you can configure it from your open fire server security settings select optional for your client connection . i hope this will work for you .


it is already configured but it does not help. Any other suggestion?

I am having the same issue as well - same error message when trying to log in via Monal on iphone.

Anyone know if its possible to get this working?

You should never ever do unencrypted XMPP over unsecure connections - especially if it’s concerning your employer/company.

Force SSL/TLS encryption in Openfire and then check and see that you use clients that support these encrypted connections.

This is the config now. Still the same error.

I have not managed to get it working either.

There is an iphone app that does work with ignite but I deleted it the other day and cant remember what it was called!..

If I think of it Ill post it here.

I configured LDAP - now it works fine.